Energy Saving has been a hot topic in recent global economy. Not only can reduce CO2 Emission and help global warming, but more important it reduces operating cost for business and factories.  In the past few years, Lasertek began to develop energy saving Products such LED lighting and Double Cool Air Conditioning, and successfully made sales export into US, Europe, and Japan. In Taiwan, Lasertek combine various Energy saving products, and did many energy saving projects and renovations for factories, resident and commercial buildings, and stores and shops. Lasertek will continue to update and develop more energy saving products, and applied on customer in order to reach the result of win-win situation

Power line Ethernet Bridge ( PLC ) became popular among home or small office network recently.  Traditional network connection require hardwiring the Ethernet through your decorated floor or wall, and Wifi Route sometime have dead-zone or distance issues in concrete building. Power line Technology turns your home's electrical wiring into a network and allow you to transmit internet from one wall socket to another. Lasertek latest Power line Technology is a combination of Power line Ethernet with Wifi Route, where one can easily turn to any wall socket into a Wifi hotspot (while the other end connect to Ethernet Moden).